Thursday, 21 March 2013

White and Green Dasies

Ta-ta-ta-ta! Ta-ta-ta-ta! Ta-ta-ta-taaaaa! Ta-ta-ta! "The Wedding March" composed by Felix Mendelssohn is in the hall! You are a married couple now and the celebration is on the way. If you like white dasies there chaleces are perfect for your spring wedding in green and white.
The white lace ribbon with go with every kind of bridal gown and the green element will match perfectly with the rest of your spring decoration!
White and Green Dasies are the perfect choice for something like this:


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Elegant White Lilies

Dear friends,
Here you are my last masterpiece!

Elegant white lilies gently wraped around the glass makes your wedding accessories look as a piece of art.
The red gems give exquisitness to your chalices as well as complements the decoration.
The bottoms are designed with lilies and small red hearts - symbol of love and affection. Thin white organsa ribbon connects the chalices, as the connection between the newly wedd.
As a final touch I ve put handpainted red lily flowers at the back side, which are unique only for this model.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

For your Blue Wedding


Hi there! These are my creations for your blue-themed wedding. They match perfectly with silver jewellery,
and also the pearls that every bride adores...

The blue and silver ornament gives personality and uniqueness of the glass.
 These lovely chalices are fresh and lovely addition to your perfect wedding day!